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Applying Oracle CPU's on Oracle EPM, is that a good thing?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


CPU's are Critical Patch Updates which have the soul goal of solving known vulnerabilities. For EPM Oracle releases Patch Sets (PS), Patch Set Updates (PSU) and Patch Set Exceptions (PSE). These patches only address functional, technical and/or security issues for EPM software components. Thus Oracle Middleware used by EPM e.g. Weblogic and OHS remain untouched. For these products CPU's are released to address known vulnerabilities.

More and more clients are now performing security audits and penetration tests on Oracle EPM environments, with the consequence I get request to install Oracle CPU's on Oracle EPM environments.

During this post  I will go in to more detail why CPU's can be important, what the result is and how to apply them.

Note: Not familiar with the concept of EPM patches? Checkout my following post Clarifying Oracle EPM Versioning.