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Geek Stuff (EPM) - Undocumented Parameters EPM Diagnostics Utility

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Since Oracle EPM Oracle has introduced EPM Diagnostic Utility (validate.bat). For the newbies, the EPM diagnostic utility is a java based tool with the purpose to technically validate an EPM instance. Executing this utility results in two things: A full HTML diagnostics report, and a ZIP file containing all log files from the instance it was executed from. The Oracle EPM documentation related to this utility can be found here.

Since Oracle EPM, the EPM diagnostic utility is a good start when validating a installation or troubleshooting issues. However there are some minor downsides: It always performs all tests, always creates a ZIP file after completion and there is not option to selectively test... at least so I thought.

For an automation project, this default behavior was a problem. As such, I examined the java code related to the EPM diagnostic Execution and discovered that it excepts various command line parameters borrowed from the EPM installation utility wizard.