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Geekstuff (EPMA) - ZAP! that orphaned EPMA application!

Monday, May 9, 2016


Probably most of you who worked with EPM Architect before faced the situation where an application in EPMA is in a corrupted deployment state and cannot be deleted properly from EPMA the usual way, or EPMA complains that the application already exists while attempting to recreate the EPMA application you deleted.

In most cases running diagnostic against the application would get you back on-track. If not, as a last resort you can drop all tables from the EPMA database by re-configuring the EPMA data source. However in most cases this is not an option.

If you have manually removed all references of the application in all EPM components (how is out-of-scope of this post) and still you cannot re-create the application in EPMA, consider using my SQL script below to ZAP! that orphaned application from the EPMA database.

Geek Stuff (FR) - Let's not press a zillion times on "Yes" during FR import through Workspace, right?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


For those who migrated Financial Report objects using Workspace, will recognize the frustration of having to click "Yes" a zillion times during import.

For those who got spared so far: When LCM is not an option to migrate Financial Reporting objects, you have to use Workspace to export from the source and import in to the target environment. Sadly Oracle still didn't builtin a "Yes to all" option for some of the import activities, resulting in many manual clicks on "Yes" for sometimes over an hour.

Below you will find a solution to automatically click "Yes" when needed.