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VMware Workstation - [Bug] Leaking Comitted Memory

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Personally I use VMware Workstation 12 allot for building EPM environment for testing and developing reasons. Today I discovered a nasty issue, which appears to be a bug.

Issue Description

When using VMware Workstation v12.5.x on Windows 10 with the creative update installed, the virtual print driver leaks committed memory over a short period of time to a 100%. Only Windows based VM's seem to be affected.

I confirmed that e.g. Linux based VM's are not effected. From personal experience Windows Core based VM's also seems to be OK, but I cannot 100% confirm this.

Solution / Workaround

VMware is still investigating the issue, however in the mean while disabling virtual printing in VMware Workstation seems to be a valid workaround.