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EPM Maestro Tutorial: How to install Standalone

Monday, April 11, 2016


As you might know, the latest version (v15) of EPM Maestro by AMOSCA uses a Java Web service to expose the new HFM Java based API to EPM Maestro. As a prerequisite, EPM Maestro Java web service must be installed on a EPM server, HFM Web seems to be recommended by the vendor.

However, for various reasons, you might what to keep EPM and third-party products like EPM Maestro strictly separated.

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What will you learn

After completing this tutorial you will know how to install EPM Maestro standalone successfully. In addition you will get some best practice guidelines. This tutorial doesn't replace the official installation and configuration manual.

FDM EE Tutorial: How to change the ODI SUPERVISOR password

Monday, April 4, 2016


As part of installing and configuring FDM EE, securing EPM is typically forgotten. As you might know, FDM EE is built on top of ODI 11g. Sadly ODI is configured with the factory default credentials, which imposes a security risk. The more because ODI is not only accessible through the ODI Studio (which is per default not installed), but also through the web based ODI Console.

What will you learn?

During this tutorial you will learn how to enhance ODI security by changing the "SUPERVISOR" password without breaking FDM EE.